Our Classes: Tailoring Classes, Embroidery, Variety Of Bags, Jewellery Making, Smocking Patterns, Fur Classes, Beads Works, Macrome Works, Woollen Works, Paintings Classes, Orders Undertaken For Tailoring & Embroidery Raw Materials Available For All Works, Educational Classes, Self Defense & Health Care, Music & Dance.


Tailoring Classes

Women’s Garment, Designer Wear for Women’s, Men’s Garment, Children’s Garment


Aari Embroidery, Hand Embroidery, Machine Embroidery, Liquid Embroidery

Variety Of Bags

Jute Bags, Cloth Bags, Nonoven Bags, Thambola Bags, Purses

Beads Works

Beads Mat, Beads Doll, Beads Wall Hanging, Beads Doors Hanging, Beads Door Mat, Beads Seat Mat

Smocking Patterns

Smocking Cushion, Smocking Frocks And Kameez, Smocking Bags

Woollen Works

Woollen Dress, Woollen Dress, Sweater, Scarf, Socks

Fur Classes

Fur Toys, Fur Bags, Fur Car Hangins, Fur Pillows

Macrome Works

Macrome Bags, Macrome Hangings